St Peter English High School Review by Mrs. Minal Konar

St Peter English High School Review by Mrs. Minal Konar

Mrs. Minal Konar, Mother of Ridima Konar reviews St Peter English High School: St. Peter English High School has always been famous for providing the best in academics to its students. They have kept up their high standards of academics and discipline. The teachers are very dedicated and put in a lot of hard work in teaching their students.

I think every child has something special in them & school should identify this & nourish their talents to make their life beautiful and St. Peter’s is doing the same. The school organizes various competitions so that they may excel and perform to the best of their ability.

Also, it encourages their students to indulge in celebrations that help to share our joy and happiness at special events with a view to unite us in a common bond of fraternal love.

All the teaching staff are unique in their own. Every effort is appreciated by teachers that encourage students to work hard and think out of the box. St. Peter’s has always focused on all round development of students & they have left no stone unturned in moulding students into the best versions of themselves and preparing them for all their future endeavors.

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